Cry of an Ant

Cry of an Ant


The first feature film to address the Egyptian Revolution of January 2011. Life is a daily struggle for Gouda Al Masri. He loves his country, but faced with unemployment, humiliation from the authorities and police corruption, Gouda decides to fight back.

Demons of Cairo

Demons of Cairo / Al Ghaba


Death is easier than life for the two million street children living in Egypt. Despite having been rejected by society and labeled "demons", they have learned how to master the cruelty of the empire of disorder: Cairo.
Egyptian Maidens


In a male-dominated society like Egypt, women are harshly judged. They are denied many rights until marriage. After their wedding day, however, freedom isn't always guaranteed.
Rise and Shine (Short Film)

Rise and Shine


On an unusual morning, as Sanaa searches for her lost apartment keys, she relives the unpleasant moments she’d been trying to forget.
A Citizen, a Detective, and a Thief

A Citizen, a Detective, and a Thief


A handsome and successful writer triggers an elaborate chain of events when he visits police headquarters to report his car stolen.



40-year-old Youssef has been released from prison after five years of solitary confinement. Ibrahim El-Batout's third film portrays the daily life of Egyptians through Youssef's quest to locate a stash of important documents.

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